4 New Panelized Natural Stone Veneers for 2020

Virginia Ledgestone – Silver Ledgestone – London – Ironwood

NEW panelized products in our most popular ledgestone styles!  Each flat or corner panel measures 8″ x 18″, equaling 1 square foot of coverage.  Minimum packaging is 10 panels per box.  Crates contain 180 panels.  “London” is the same stone as Nickel/Platinum Ledgestone except the heights are 1.25″ and 2.5″.  In similar manner, “Ironwood” is the same stone as Copper/Bronze Ledgestone except the heights are the same as London.

Important Notes about Corner Panels:

  1. Available for Virginia and Silver Ledgestone (not available for London or Ironwood)  
  2. Each corner panel has natural and sawn end sections used for interlocking returns
  3. 10 Corner panels per box (3.33 linear feet per box)
  4. 180 Corner panels per crate (60 linear feet per crate)

The Beauty of Real Stone

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