How it all began.

Rich Family History

The Fond du Lac Natural Stone™ of today carries a rich history of small family business, quarrying experience, determination and innovation. President Dennis Buechel’s first endeavors to create a lightweight and easy to install natural stone veneer required the design and construction of equipment never before used in the stone industry. Dennis rose to the task and accomplished it.  A short time later his business—Natural Stone Veneers International LLC (NSVI®)—opened its doors in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Dennis’s wife, Renee, and their three sons, Joe, Jason, and Jesse, took the helm in corporate leadership roles. Growth and recognition soon followed, from awarded patents for their unique equipment designs to nationwide distribution of their products. The NSVI® presence, once a rented facility housing eight employees, grew to a company-owned 12-acre campus complete with sales, production and storage areas. A second production facility was opened in Bulgaria; its products exported to the United States thus adding more durable, natural stone veneers to the product line. Notoriety grew and their stone veneers and services were even featured on television shows such as Designing Spaces and This Old House.

Alongside continued expansion came the opportunity for acquisition. In 2017, NSVI® acquired the assets of Michels Stone, a fabricator of premium, Wisconsin-harvested stone products. They also restored the name of this acquisition to its 80-year-old original: Fond du Lac Stone, Inc. NSVI® and its new acquisition thrived in tandem for years, each with their own identities and catalogs linked by multiple crossover products. At last, the inevitable took place. The two iconic entities merged into what is now Fond du Lac Natural Stone™, a single company with a continued tradition of quality products that add timeless beauty to residential, commercial and institutional projects throughout the United States and Canada. Their newest catalog offers over 90 natural stone products including a new panelized stone collection.

Fond du Lac Natural Stone™ stands on a firm foundation of legacy and growth, all the while keeping an eye toward the future. With over 180 combined years of experience, a captivating natural product, and an unwavering dedication toward innovation and customer satisfaction, the Buechel family and the entire staff at Fond du Lac Natural Stone™ puts knowledge, talent, and technology to work every day to bring top quality natural stone elements to your building design.