Graphite Manor™

Graphite Manor” was previously known as the legacy NSVI product, “Stockholm“.  Some photos may still show the former product name.

  • Geology: Limestone
  • Pattern: Natural Course Heights | 2:1 Random Ashlar
  • Height: 4"-12" random (Full Bed & Thin Veneer)
  • Length: 8"-20" (Full Bed); 8"-24" (Thin Veneer); Crated/palletized material can exceed 20")
  • Depth: 3/4" - 1 1/4" (Thin Veneer); 3"-5" Full Veneer)
  • Colors: Beige, Black, Buff, Charcoal, Gray-Grey, Tan
  • Coverage: Full Bed Depth Veneer: 35-40 Square Feet Per Ton
  • Type: 100% Bedface
  • Shape: Squares and Rectangles
  • Flats: 10 s/f Box; 100 s/f Crate, 180 s/f Crate; 100 s/f Pallet, 180 s/f Crate, 200 s/f Pallet
  • Corners: 10 l/f Box; 100 l/f Crate; 100 l/f pallet

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